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    JUST SAYIN... Right?

    Ha. TRUE THAT! *just sayin'*

    Just sayin'...

    Just sayin

    I would probably do the same thing. :) lol

    I want to use this line... hahahah

    Just sayin'

    I'm just sayin'.


    Just sayin... ;)

    Too funny, yet sometimes so true!! LOL!

    You don't always 'get' what you copy. Just sayin.

    OmG so true right?!

    Haha so true!


    hahahaha! Hit my funny bone. :-) I think we can all use this one from time to time

    Haha yes this is true!

    Looked at it like oh hey that's a long road. Cool picture. Scrolled down to the best photobomb ever.

    It is true!!!!!

    Just Sayin ;) = I am smarter than everyone around.