DISPUTE DUBSTEP - Join this lovable crew of droids as they solve their differences the only way dubstep robots know how.A 3d animated short set to music by Nostalgia.

The Music Box / Dithyrambalina Live Performance How sounds Dithyrambalina? A village orchestra where music meets ‪#‎architecture‬. Playable houses builded with recycled musical instruments Dithyrambalina, recycled architecture, art New Orleans

iRobot, Do You? - Marquese ‘Nonstop’ Scott dancing in the new Roomba commercial to promote the iRobot vacuum cleaner.

This elegant PSA for Greenpeace from Le Cube packs a stylish punch to mark the environmental organization’s 20th birthday. Process breakdowns From boards to color, Le Cube’s work is pow…

The lovely people from Half & Twice asked me to come up with a clever and fresh-looking motion graphics video to promote the launch of their recently born design studio. After putting together the main ideas they wanted to present to their public and translating these into a script, I could focus on the illustration and animation work of the piece, which is full of little nice touches (like the elements on the desk or the ones hanging on the peg-board), everything under the wise direction…

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