Hungarian Puli

Hungarian Puli Sheep Dogs

Hungarian Komondor

English Setter puppy giving the cutest look. Dog/Pet portrait photography. #dogs #pets #EnglishSetters

❥ Ice blue on white~ what a beautiful creature This husky looks like the one we see on our daily walk...the innocent fellow who ate his neighbour's cat!

Sometimes you're the dog, and sometimes you're the kitten ;-)


Hungarian Komondor

Son, I'm proud of you.

Hungarian Puli Sheep Dog

Hungarian Vizsla

Seriously, so sweet.



Every time I look at this photo, I smile.

The Komondor is a large, white-colored Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog with a long, corded coat

The Komondor, an old and large Hungarian breed of dog, known for it's dignity, bravery and strength. ...And it's amazing natural dreads

Shih tzu mop

If this isn't the cutest thing I have ever seen in the animal world!!!!