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    I had this Lisa Frank Trapper

    lisa frank | ... are a few notebooks/folders/etc I had in my Lisa Frank collection

    Lisa Frank

    Because nothing was more delicious than green and red cereal (aka colored SUGAR). | 32 Reasons Why Christmas Was Better In The '90s

    Lisa Frank

    Lisa Frank

    Pizza Hut glasses

    You know your a 90s kid when..

    Lisa Frank unicorns!!!

    I Loved Bill Nye the Science Guy!! Good to know though that he actually was/is a REAL scientist (well mechanical engineering to be exact) & is still going strong in the science field despite the show ending in 1998.

    critter sitters

    Lisa Frank school supplies

    #TBT Throwback Thursday... 80s and 90s kids

    If you were a girl, you HAD to have Lisa Frank!

    lisa frank | ... Stars, and Rainbow Kittens: The Evolution of Lisa Frank « Read Less

    Lisa Frank

    Loved these!

    Inflatable chair! This thing was awesome!!

    90s toys my twin cousins have a glow worm and they fight over it. They love it. Yet it is quite scary to me. Lol

    plastic face masks with an elastic string to hold them on