Handy dandy paper organizing (& purging) chart!

Keep or toss? Just how long should you keep important papers for

Best Emergency Notebook I've seen with printables so you can make your own for your family! MUST DO! The military teaches you how to do this. It's called "my life in a box" for emergencies. I use it ALL THE TIME!!

shred, scan, or store? {infographic}

You never know when you will need this. Bed Sizes and Dimensions

A chore chart for grown-ups, and suggestions about what tools you need to do the work.

20 Excel tricks

How to Be the Most Organized Person in the World, Starting Now #organization #home #office #productivity

Don't have time to organize? Don't miss these awesome time-saving organizational tips from the Dollar Store. It's amazing what you can do in one hour!

Resume Cheat Sheet


Organize Your Document Files on Your Computer #getorganized

How To Organize Big Ticket Receipts, Manuals, & Warranties - I have a separate file for each vehicle though for all sales, credit, repair and maintenance papers

Money saving ideas

May come in handy one day.

what a great glue chart

diy closet organizer

Helpful tips! How to sanitize your cell phone from germs

Not funny - but useful tips

May come in handy!