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this business of training little humans for life is a mind-boggling process | it's also one of the best experiences of my life & i am grateful every single day

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Oh Be Careful How You Speak

So important to remember.


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Teaching, the ideal I desperately wanted to hang on to... Sometimes you want it--and you try your best--but it's not you. It's not meant to be. Fucked me up. Life goes on.

Stop 'parenting' people! It's the most overrated thing, Instead, start 'raising' kids by just using MOSTLY your heart - It tells you what to do where all parenting books can't: each kid is an individual

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." ! Ben Franklin #quote #education "Quote"

Teaching: The only profession where you steal things from home and bring them to work. Find more funny teaching quotes here:

Good words. It is important to remember though that it is our job to help our kids deal through the cruel and heartless time.