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Classroom Tree via:Jefferson Elementary School: Trees / Kindergarten Rms. by Deborah Zwickler, via Behance

Jefferson Elementary School: Trees / Kindergarten Rms by Deborah Zwickler, via Behance

Amazing how cool these trees look in the classroom. would be cool branched out across the ceiling over her students.

Is this too elementary for a high school classroom? of course, the monkey would have to go....but i have a grass skirt around my desk, and i'm thinking this corner tree would be cute...

this one was created for a Nursery but it might be fun if I could hang some 3-D pom poms (yarn or tissue paper) in front of my word wall tree BB.

Another awesome classroom tree--who in the world has time to make this????

I like the idea of using this classroom tree for reading points. The more books the more branches or leaves etc. When the tree is fully grown the class gets something special.

classroom tree, with more leaves & a 3D honey hive. hang bees from ceiling and ladybugs crawling on tree Monica Gonzalez Sevilla

Tiffany you can make this classroom tree! :) Hang paper apples, oranges, lemons with kids pics too!

Obvi I don't teach Sunday school, but this bulletin board could go up in September and stay up til Halloween ;)

Adorable tree - so easy to do with an umbrella! Totally making this for Jayden's room!