What Can I Do? problem solving wheel -Elementary # Pin++ for Pinterest #

stop, think, choose for impulsive kids

A calm down plan to help children of all ages learn to manage big emotions in socially acceptable ways.

Posters to support problem solving and conflict resolution in preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classrooms. Pocket of Preschool

Many counseling worksheets on feelings, anger management, friendship, problem solving, etc.

This timeline maps out what you can expect to see as your child grows up.

Obviously this is for elementary school classrooms, but I can't help but say this is extremely cute!

Negative words, behaviors and actions were written on heavy rocks and then added to a bucket that a child was holding to show the effects of how negative words and actions can weigh you down.

Teach children strategies for self-control and you’ll be amazed with how quickly they learn to manage intense emotions. Ages 4-12.

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Consistent with another color wheel of emotions chart that I like to use.

Accountable Talk Bubbles for Literacy & Problem Solving - Student led conversations accountable to the learning content or text is the heart of accountable talk. Accountable talk can be taught and used in any grade level or subject area. The talk bubbles are simply a visual reminder of how people respectfully share opinions, ideas, and thoughts.

How to Create an Anti-Anxiety Kit for Your Child including free printable relaxation prompts

When you are having a problem with someone, consider these choices.

Choices for kids to prevent/solve a pesky problem

Teach the kids the difference between "Informing" and "Tattling". This is going on my wall!

Create a "Coping Skills Toolbox" so you and your OT clients have them ready when you need it. Be prepared for anything!

Intervention Plan Freebie: Identifying feelings and problem solving strategies

101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills Includes 101 ready-to-use, reproducible activities to help children improve their social skills. Topics include communicating; expressing your feelings; caring about yourself and others; problem solving; listening; standing up for yourself; and understanding and managing conflict.

The Toxic Waste Transfer Activity Set teaches kids teamwork, communication and problem solving as they move "toxic waste" into "neutralizing containers". http://www.sensoryedge.com/toxic-waste-transfer-team-building-activity-set.html

Classroom Management ~ "Give Me 5" Poster. Except I would have table/ lap instead of desk.