silver01 by { designvagabond }, via Flic Rowenta Silver Art Collection



dyson space heater Product Design #product_design

Maple knife set by The Federal. Exploration of unique materials and visual combinations in an industry stale with repetitive designs.

Product/industrial design inspiration | #948


Braun kettle


soda stream source w/wood veneer

Wood on Metal by ~driftevo5 on deviantART

Stunning lines on this modern silverware set

Dieter Rams 1986

Ceramic Kettle - Rowenta

VDetails we like / Faucet / Cyclon / VORTEX |

Wood with prismacolor markers

If I had a hammer

REEBOK | stainless steel bottle series by matthew emeott #objectofdesire #minimalst #productdesign #perfectgift

Monitor Arm by Human Scale

Beautiful design by Adidas

Krups Chrome & Wood BW600 Electric Kettle