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The 35 Best School Lunch Snacks Of All Time

90's kids lived off this stuff even though it was nasty when we couldn't get the Bubble tape gum

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Candy in the 90’s was radical (30 Photos)

Took forever to eat these things and cut the heck out of your tongue. Turned your lips white also.

Squeeze Pop..seriously, it's a wonder why obesity is rampant in the US now..hahaha

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Community Post: 90's Nostalgia Wars: Overused Vs. Underrated

90’s Nostalgia Wars: Overused Vs. Underrated

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80s Nostalgic Furniture

Dots! 80s candy

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POLLY POCKET=Splash 'N Slide Water Park~COMPLETE w/ 4 dolls~1995 Bluebird Toys

Polly pockets!!

The 90s Toy Technology Revolution -

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26 Moments That No '90s Kid Will Ever Get Over

When people ruined these by pointing out the sexual innuendoes. | 26 Moments That No ’90s Kid Will Ever Get Over

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25 Ways To Tell You’re A Kid Of The ‘90s

You know your a 90s kid when...

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55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic

Loved these!!

15 Tasty Treats Every 80's/90's Kid Will Remember. I've absolutely had every one of these!! Lol