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we could totally do this! Literally just thought of it now! we put one bed above the drivers seat! a queen at the back and a couch that converts into a bed!

'Why are you following me?' Nana asks. 'Where's your driver?' 'I sent ajusshi home', he said with a smile. 'I'm taking the bus home. Now scooch over.'

VIDEO: Want to take a trip around Dublin city in 1965? Now you can… I have explored all these this city. sigh. makes me want to go home.

January Action Plan (or rest plan!) - what I'm focusing on this month. Ive declared this month Recharge month. Im switching some old habits and ways for that which will contribute to my overall health and wellbeing. Perhaps youd like to join me? 1. I live in such a beautiful tree filled area it seems a waste to not go for an awakening half hour morning walk by the creek. Thanks to the neighbourhood crows and cockatoos this night owl is now an early bird. Yes you heard it here first! Im an…

Listened to every single song from XFactor days, Up All Night, and Take Me Home today. I'm pretty content with life right now.

We are so happy to have been nominated by our adorable furry friends @double_dutch_bus for the #gettoknowmebetter challenge If you haven't already checked out their page you should. They are awesome! AGE I (Lucy) am 6 months old tomorrow and Castiel turned 7 months on April 16th! FAMILY The only other beings in our household are our mummy and daddy (for now)! However I love visiting my grandparents and playing with their 2 dogs and 2 cats (that is why they decided to get me a brother!)…

"When I was younger, I would practice with my dad and my attitude was always very temperamental. He would say, "I don't enjoy playing with you like that." This is something he had told me a million times before. One day, he got so fed up that he left. Now, home wasn’t just around the corner. I would have to take a full tram ride and bus ride, which would take me about 45 minutes. When I finally got home, he was still upset and I felt genuinely bad. This story is a really significant piece…