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A, Cervical halter skin traction. B, Pelvic belt traction (skin). C, Pelvic sling (skin). D, Russell's traction. | HESI Case Studies

Universal foot-piece. 5 positions. Showing 5 positions. 1. Buck's Traction. 2. Thomas Skin Tr. [traction?] 3. Thomas Stationar [stationary?] 4. Russel's [Russell's?] Traction. 5. Foot Exerc. [exercises?] Foot piece in relation to foot and splint. 01/17/1950. Walter Reed General Hospital

Here’s a quick review for remembering traction. Bryant’s Traction- used in children younger than 2 years old to reduce femur fractures or to stabilize hips. Russell’s Traction- may reduce fracture of hip or femur. 90 Degree Traction- is used on femur if skin traction isn’t suitable. Buck’s Traction- used to TEMPORARILY immobilize a fractured leg. Cervical Traction- Stabilizes a spinal fracture or muscle spasm.

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