Buzludzha monument

Buzludzha, Bulgaria

Buzludzha monument

Buzludzha, Bulgaria

Buzludzha, Bulgaria.

Buzludzha monument

Buzludzha, Bulgaria

Bishan Public Library by LOOK Architects.

Superstudio, Continuous Monument, 1969

'ring of life' monument 157-meters in diameter, nears completion in Fushun, Liaoning Province, China

Vacation home?

Reading Between the Lines / Gijs Van Vaerenbergh Architects: Gijs Van Vaerenbergh Location: Looz, Limburg, Belgium Project Year: 2011

Canyon de Chelly National Monument | See More Pictures | #SeeMorePictures

internal. bench. wood. concrete. shapes. intersections.

abandoned train tracks

Plein de ruines.

elephant at Chernobyl

reading nook by the sea...

Library in abandoned house - Boing Boing

Allen Bianchi Architects.

Montreal. I think I could handle the snow when it looks like this outside.