toilet paper roll doll house

toilet roll ninjas!! so simple to do, but so cool too!

Easy paper towel roll people for your block center!

Wrapping Paper Rolls - | kids | crocodile | elephant

How to make a toilet paper roll Minecraft Creeper! So much fun for kids from Kids Activities Blog.

Knappe koppen

A knitting nancy out of a toilet paper roll & popsicle sticks.

Toilet Roll Puzzles

free printable - just add faces! - so fun!

cute little people made from a toilet paper tube and coloured paper springs- Gr.2

flat people - paper doll family out of cardboard and a toilet roll tube

Our much played with cardboard tube people.. the boy and girl are now pirates (shock horror, see the photo!!!). Have you made things out of cardboard tubes? If so, what?

Spring crafts!

Toilet paper roll ! :)

Fun Mini-Engineering Project~ Challenge your creative students to create their own paper plate marble tracks. For more pictures and ideas check out Frugal Fun for Boys!

toilet paper monsters

Let’s make a house from toilet paper rolls

popsicle stick puzzles

Thrive 360 Living: Five Easy and Fun Toilet Paper Roll Kid Activities

Toilet Paper Tube Castle Craft

Toilet paper tube, peanut butter, roll it in birdseed and slip it over a branch. The birds will love you:)