toilet paper roll doll house

toilet roll ninjas!! so simple to do, but so cool too!

Easy paper towel roll people for your block center!

Toilet Roll Puzzles

free printable - just add faces! - so fun!

Knappe koppen

toilet paper tube book

Wrapping Paper Rolls - | kids | crocodile | elephant

How to make a toilet paper roll Minecraft Creeper! So much fun for kids from Kids Activities Blog.


Tattle monsters. Kids write down non-emergency tattles that can wait and put them in here. At the end of the day they decide if it's still important enough to bring to me.

Decorate an Altoids tin and put crayons and paper in it. Genius for when you are at a restaurant... Or to keep in your purse!

Toilet roll paper dragon

Fab 'pom-pom' run! I want to make this... like now! :)

DIY tinker toys

toilet paper tube apple trees

Toilet paper tube owls! Cute!

Toilet Paper Watches

Changing Faces - Toilet Roll Dolls.

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders

Family puppets (like this idea better than a book)