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just take a moment to look at the hair, look at the volume of his hair!

I don't know if I've already pinned this, buuut... mmmMMM he's yummy... David Tennant, Doctor Who...

Even Matt Smith wants to touch David Tennant's amazing hair! HAHAHA! Cayla Priest Priest Priest Marshall Brittany Horton Horton Horton Deschaine

... great hair. Some really great hair...(I may have already pinned this at some point, but one can never have too much of Tennant and his amazing hair)

David Tennant gets his hair ruffled…

the short girl likes the song from CSI...i told her it was by the Who....she thought i meant Dr

Love this. The shoes, the expression and the fact that he simply walked on top of the seats and then stood there.

Doctor Who, the David Tennant episodes, summarized in four photos.

Oh....oh that face.....I....there are too many feels!!

You got to admit . . . it is great hair! should have a fan site of it's own! 10 & his epic hair.

David Tennant - the man looks good in a suit, he looks good in jeans, and he can rock the pj's.