Stones painted as strawberries when put around strawberry plants in the spring will keep birds from eating your berries when they ripen because the birds will think the ripened berries are stones. Brilliant!

Strawberry rocks

painted rocks for plant markers

Paint rocks to look like strawberries...if you place them around your strawberry plants, they will prevent birds or other annoying pests from stealing your strawberries before you can.

spiral herb garden....look great with flowers too.

Rock garden~love the Herb/Plant Spiral!

Spiral Herb Garden

Herb spiral. Love this design and it keeps the herbs elevated so they dont drown during heavy rains.

{rock cactus} offer a clever plastic-free way to add "green" where regular watering is a challenge, e.g. second homes, balconies, playhouses, cabins, etc. #diy #myo #howto

Rock Planter Garden ... very pretty

river rock premaculture

Strawberry Rocks

Surround a garden bed with gravel - neat border, no weeds/grass and no mud to step in.

Happy Earth Day! Roundup of Unique and Beautiful DIY Gardens |My Thirty Spot

Paint stones deter birds from real strawberries

Painted rocks to name & locate plants. Good idea for next year's garden. Fun for the kiddos to do!

Garden Marker Stones

Easy Flower Bed Designs | Building Flower Bed on Budget |

Container garden using old horse troughs. Any plastic or metal container would work. Border them with droopy plants for a softened look.

Decoy Strawberry Rocks to Deter Bird Burglars #garden #decoration

i grow strawberries in the cheap, hard plastic kiddie pools from walmart. keeps the strawberries from spreading everywhere. poke holes in the bottom of the pool with a screwdriver for drainage. layer of pebbles on bottom and potting soil