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Tesla Model S - I want one!

{Can't wait to have mine soon. Tesla Motors' model S signature specs: estimated range: 300 miles. top speed: 125 mph horsepower: 362 hp kW) at rpm. torque: 325 lb-ft Nm) at rpm.

Tesla Test Drive

Tesla Model S first drive: the sports sedan goes electric (update: video) -- Engadget. For Zane

In pearl, or midnight blue. Black looks prestigious, but I'm kinda bored by cookie cutter "I'm rich" styles. I think a person should get what they love, if they can.  By the way, I learned a great deal when at the Tesla dealership. Can you believe this car holds 7 passengers???? It is particularly impressive with it's rear impact safety rating of up to 55-60 mph. I had to know, because the rear holds 2 small children, and there was no possible way I would place my kids in there otherwise.

Lord willing, this will be my next car. Tesla Motors' Model S all-electric performance sedan. Up to 300 miles range with no gasoline.

2015 Tesla Model S P85D Specification Review

Tesla just unveiled its bid to end electric vehicle range anxiety for good: A Model S software update that will make it “impossible” to stray too far from a charging station.

tesla black 2015 | Tesla Model S

Tesla s model with unique powertrain with 3 Li-ion batteries. Tesla at it's best.

Charging Tesla Model S

Charging Tesla Model S. This what I want but can't afford so I compromised with the Chevy Volt.

Telsa S - 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year --- While there is still doubt about the future success for Tesla, Motor Trend gives the Model S Car of the Year for 2013.

Tesla Model S - Motor Trend Car of the Year

2012 Tesla Model S all electric sedan. 300 mile range with battery, 0 to 60 mph sec, and top speed.