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Joost van der Ree has at least one brilliant idea on how to fix the iPhone’s notification system. In the above video, disregard the earlier stuff and pay attention 35 seconds in. The idea you’re looking for is called Dynamic Badges.

Combination of the Danish "Leg Godt", which means to "Play Well". Lego also means "I Put Together" in Latin, but Lego group claims this is only a coincedence.

Resultado de imágenes de Google para

Avec Google, le marché de l'automobile va changer

You can bet that whatever Google eventually markets as a “self-driving car” will come standard with everything necessary for it to be driven by its owner in exactly the way we all drive our cars today.

La Surface Pro estará disponible en enero de 2013 a precios de 899 y 999 dólares para los modelos de 64 y 128 GB.

Sony Vaio Flip: One of the Most Logical Laptop Convertibles Yet

The Flip works by using two hinges: the traditional laptop hinge, and another in the middle of the screen. When you press back along the top of the screen, the screen folds back along a crease in the lid. #laptops #tablets #thinlaptop #tablet #newtech #gadgets #tech

Archibet: o alfabeto da arquitetura

Archibet: o alfabeto da arquitetura | Frederico Babina #niemeyer #meier #architecture


OKO is a puzzle video game. OKO invites us on a hypnotic and mesmerizing journey around the planet, traveling through satellite images taken from the NASA database, and rich otherworldly soundscapes composed from recordings taken aboard space shuttles. Come float in space, and play with the earth from amongst the stars. Get it on the App Store and on the Google play store ...