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Doing The 'Bolt

Usain Bolt and President Obama

Juicing. #weblend

Camping just got a new name. #weblend

Little Afghan girl, the scars left after an explosion. North of Kabul.

Wanderlust. #weblend

Sky high. #weblend

...damn girl scout cookies...

Adidas. #weblend

Bloomingdale's "Fashion Touchdown" helmets.

Family of Four, Posing, Photography

Tennis just got game, and that game is a neon pink net. #weblend

Pipe masters. #weblend

Girls, girls, everyday. @thecoveteur

great dane

oh dear, how to pin this? orange kitty? kitty loving little girl? adorable orange boots? ruffly minty skirt? all of it is just too good.

Tall girls can wear heels! 6'3" Tianna Hawkins in 4" heels, drafted by the Seattle Storm

80 ways to pose couples for photos. Good reference!

I scooped up a pebble and fired it at her. I didn't really think about it too much; I just fired. The second before it hit her, I realized that it probably wasn't such a great idea. Then it struck, directly on the back of the head. She whirled around, her eyes searching for the offender. Then she saw me. And I realized that it definitely hadn't been a good idea. ~MNC