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  • Mark Epstein

    Romney's Responsibility Map - Cut out the 47% of the country that doesn't matter.

  • Money Train

    Mitt The Twit & GOP/Tea Party Funnies - It's Not About Hating Obama, It's Not About Lying About Obama & The Dems And It's Not About Rewarding The Rich For Just Being Rich - It's About Real Solutions For Real People For A Better Tomorrow - FORWARD - OBAMA 2012 - - - FuTurXTV - Funk Gumbo Radio:

  • Sarah Breazeale

    let's not forget romney doesn't give a damn about women's rights ANYWAY #obama2012

  • Barack Obama

    We can’t afford a President who says “my job is not to worry about” 47% of the American people

  • Karin Robinson

    Team Obama rebuts Mitt Romney's suggestion that it's his job not to care about 47% of the country.

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Where the 47% live - most of those whom Romney is calling freeloaders are actually in Republican states.

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