ChargeSAFE Break-Away Power Connector for PC Laptops

The Satechi Smart Travel Router is a multiple country power plug adapter, USB power port and built-in WiFi router all rolled into a package about the size of a normal power adapter.

Kii - compact charger/connector - lightweight and inconspicuous on your keychain. $20

White Mountaineering Cargo Laptop Case //

Work comfortably in any position, from sitting to reclining

CuBox-i – the little computer that can

Yanko Design: U Transfer – USB Stick Concept by Yiyan Cao. I hope this gets made.

The Uhost2 Android Mini PC is powered by the popular Rockchip dual core RK3066 Cortex A9 1.6 GHz CPU paired with a Quad Core Mali 400 GPU. The Uhost2 comes with a gyroscopic air mouse remote control that allows you to control the cursor by moving it in the air like a Wii remote. The remote also has a built in microphone that supports Google Voice Search and Skype. Plug the Uhost2 to your TV and turn it into a Smart TV.

Thermodo, a clever little thermometer that plugs into your #iPhone, #iPad, or other smartphone's audio jack and gives you accurate temperature readings of your surroundings. Fits on your keyring so it's always with you.

August Smart Lock

USB Wall outlet - they need this in decora.

Itwinconnect - Hardware based VPN. Take your public browsing private. $99

Rally 7413 200W Cup Holder Power Inverter with USB Port $24.37

I don't have a nano, but this is a much slicker band than the ones I've seen for it.

Want! Inkling Digital Sketch Pen by Wacom: No tablet! Draw on anything and record your strokes to a digital file. #Drawing #Digital_Drawing Pen #Wacom

Cintiq 24HD Pen Display from Wacom.

iWatch2 concepts

I must have this.

Strike - a pocket sized replacement for your matchbook

Disinfecting UV-C Dishwasher Light. Studies have proven that 62% of tested home dishwashers harbor mold. The Disinfecting UV-C Dishwasher Light kills up to 99.9% of microbes. Quickly and sustainably. Without chemicals. $31