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'All the diamonds in this world, that mean anything to me, are conjured up by wind and sunlight, sparkling on the sea.'~ Bruce Cockburn

Glistening Water - 'The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds, strewn across a blue blanket'- Incubus

The Divine sparkle of Light on the ocean's water.

Love those colors

by Cheryl Tarrant. Instructions to make your own glitter: Take one abalone shell, add beads, spray with a mist of water. Play with a macro lens.

Sea Greens  (instagram: the_lane)

Bloom: Floating Phytoplankton Farm Absorbs Carbon Dioxide and Monitors Rising Sea Levels

I love this gradient of blues. I DON'T love aqua/teal but I love the texture of the bubbles and blues as they get darker

In the middle of open ocean resting atop the waves. Oh! and how to declutter.

i LOVE this photo. i actually feel like i am in the ocean water at floating at peace with the sea.

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waved crashed and crashed on the stones and over times they became jewels. The sun radiated from them, the color of pearls was emitted with joy and I all I saw was beauty of process. The process of beauty.