Vintage Fridge!

Retro Fridge - This WILL be in my house when I get around to buying my own.

I have not idea where to get a pink fridge, but if I found one, I would put it in my bedroom if I had to!

the old stove and pink fridge! Victorian Style Home - Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas - Country Living

 absolutely...screw it.. there are no words for how awesome this kitchen is....

I adore this kitchen! I love how the backsplash, fridge and stove are the perfect turquoise color! vintage stove and fridge in bright colors, with white cupboards to showcase them) - maybe different colors for the appliances

Retro Classic  Pink Dualit

Un grille pain rétro et girly Retro Classic Pink Dualit to go with the pastel kitchen I pinned!

old fashioned pyrex mixing bowls. I still have the yellow one.

weekend wishes

BASIC BOWLS: Halfway there . I can't wait to have all four of the primary Pyrex bowls . Just need the green and the blue, so eyes open there Bowen . I'm counting on you too.

Various Steampunk Artworks by JM Gates

Clockwork Pendant "Mesh" Intricate Mechanical Watch Gear Necklace Wearable Art Sculpture Steampunk Pendant A Mechanical Mind OOAK