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Tracy has come up with an idea that fuses architecture, clothing and furniture altogether. These are the portable sculptures made of pieces of wood. The material takes the shapes that faces the flesh and follows the human body curves and finally binds the both of them. These structures are called wearable structures and are well conceptualized by Tracy.

from Design Milk

Wearable Sculptures by Tracy Featherstone

Tracy Featherstone As the sole vehicle of our mobility, the flexibility and rigidity of the muscles and joints of the human body determine the limits our capabilities for movement. With complex...

from Laughing Squid

Tiny Wearable Kinetic Wing Sculptures

The contrast between metal structural form and natural feather, together with the repetitive and whimsical movements of fragile wings, provo kes the imagination and evolves the intimate relationship between work and viewer/wearer. Jewelry Maker Dukno Yoon

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Daniel Ramosobregón Creates Wearable Art Inspired By Out-Of-Body Experiences (BEAUTIFUL/DECAY MAGAZINE)

Charles Ray 1973 / two black-and-white photographs mounted on rag board / each 39 1/2 x 27 inches / 100 x 69 centimeters

It’s a fantastic dragon sculpture and I guess, it’s a pretty cool job to carve something like this on just a piece of driftwood. It’s just the head, but still it seems to be carved by nature itself in that shape. The passionate artists are not bound by the limits of materials. An artist can create something wonderful even from the scrap.