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  • Robert Baca

    Propaganda Posters, The girl he left behind ... is a WOW #worldwarII #propaganda

  • Brittany Garrett

    American WWII poster, "The girl he left behind is still behind him. She's a WOW" If men say women and girls aren't strong we are.

  • Marycruz Figueroa

    FB: Women in the War Wednesday! Women Ordinance Workers (or WOWs) were women who worked in war factories during World War II. Do you know anyone that was a WOW during World War II? If so, please shoot us a message! image via Twitter: #WOW Check out this #WorldWarII poster featuring a Woman Ordinance Worker #WW2women (via

  • Extremely Sharp

    War poster women left behind stay faithful | Americana | Art | She's a WOW campaign for the women helping support our soldiers during the war |

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sleeve length / waist tie / pocket detail

I feel like my style is becoming weird bc I really like this :)

loving this style... pair it with black stockings or leggings to keep yourself warm .. you can layer it with long, lightweight cardigans over biker boots

"The WOW bandana, designed in accordance with U.S. Army specifications, is an attractive, safe, and unifying head covering to identify women ordance workers. About 27" square, it is available either in ordnance red with white ordnance insignia, or in white with red ordnance insignia. Every woman in your plant will want one - it's a "WOW" for morale!" (Ad, 1943) The head scarf with flaming bomb designs became the symbol of women working in war industries.

i literally wear stuff like this on a regular basis and i still don't look as good in it as she does. -.-