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Here is the church, and here is the steeple... look inside and see all the people...

A&W Root Beer Stands

going to A

Ah I remember this! Sometimes we would freeze Koolaid in them with a toothpick in every square for "Popsicles"

8 Organizational Tips to Get Your Kid's Closet in Shape!

Help to organize before/after school. I'd put the most recent school picture in the frame. More

Do you remember these?

Vintage Baby Shoes, White Leather Shoes 1950s

PP: If you're over 40, these were your first shoes...with the bells!!! (Sigh....yes. yes they were. Excuse me while I go color my grey hair and find a handy cane.)

1970's School clothes shopping!

70's was . . . Nancy drew mystery books

I use to sleep on these, sticking me in the head all night long!

wooden folding ruler my dad had one in his tool box