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The new, cool season vegetable garden  installed at the Home & Family show, where I appear as the garden designer and Foodie Gardener, it's time for critter control! One of my projects recently...

I made and shared my "Foodie Gardener Marinated Mediterranean Carrot Salad" for the Home & Family  TV show's "Thanksgiving Special" last week. Cooking from the garden is always a joy. All I had...

Shirley Bovshow, the Foodie Gardener and edible-garden expert explains the Scoville Pepper Heat Chart which rates the "spiciness" or heat in peppers!

Grapefruit and Rosemary water from Shirley's foodie garden. Drink it or splash it on your skin to refresh!

I've got 5 tips for designing an outdoor kitchen. Read about them on my new blog, Foodie Gardener!

One of the highlights of my visit to Pasadena, California was  an anniversary dinner at the Parkway Grill, a restaurant that boasts its own organic gourmet garden! After a full day... Read the rest at

I'm a huge fan of carrots prepared in any form, especially garden-fresh carrots. Have to taken a look at my  "Foodie Gardener Marinated Mediterranean Carrot Salad?"   My eyes opened wide at th… Check out the recipe at

A pricey foodie splurge for "living food" fans are gourmet sprouts, especially  organic sprouts! In California, Whole Foods offers a lot of tasty sprouts  including onion, broccoli, fenugree...

SET YOUR RECORDERS: Monday, July 12 @ 10AM PST (or check your local TV listings) for "Home & Family" show on Hallmark channel. Shirley demonstrates how easy and FAST it is to grow your own wheatgrass indoors and how to sprout seeds, nuts & grains! Hosts, Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines.

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