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Writing SMART Goals--Lesson 2 of the Academic Success Plan Series

Writing SMART Goals--Lesson 2 of the Academic Success Plan Series

Writing SMART Goals is the second lesson in the Academic Success Plan series. This lesson will cover how to write a SMART Goal. Contains: ✎ SMART Goals Writing handout ✎ SMART Goals Writing worksheet ✎ My SMART Plan for

School Counseling Needs Assessment - The Helpful Counselor | The Helpful Counselor

School Counseling Needs Assessment

School Counseling Needs Assessment-- could tailor to individual student needs - like the Leaps data - in case can't get leaps short assessment for each kid

There is a big crossover from 6th to 7th grade.  These little kids become big overnight.  There is makeup, dances, shopping in the jun...

First Impressions--A Lunch Bunch lesson

Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Beginning School Counselor - What You Need to Know

Heading into my year as an urban elementary school counselor, I was thinking the other day about what it would be like to be a novice.

It is sooooo very hard for some of our students to manage their thoughts and words without interrupting!  All of their thoughts and words are important to THEM.  But people do not like to be interr…

Interrupting and “blurting out”

Can& find the interrupting lesson but found great powerpoint for student to identify distractions and when and how to ignore distractions.

Smile file!  One of a counselors most important resources to prevent burnout (I have one!)

Counselor and Educator Self-Care: Smile File

Lunch Bunch- give teachers the topic of discussion for the lunch bunch, ask them to provide names for that bunch. Topics might include: test taking strategies, anger management, good manners, self-confidence, responsibility, etc. Have a Reward Lunch Bunch for the students who were caught being good :)

lunch bunch- small groups of students selected by teacher by grade level (self esteem, anxiety, communication, organization.

School Counseling Documentation Form - The Helpful Counselor

School Counseling Documentation Form

Just a quick post to share a school counseling documentation form I created to accompany a referral packet to the special education department. It& the week after conferences and spring break, so I& a bit…

School Counseling Needs Assessment « The Helpful Counselor

School Counseling Needs Assessment

Conducting a school counseling needs assessment is an imperative step in running a successful counseling program. I have written about how counselors should conduct a needs assessment at the beginning of the school year and I have also written about […]

Operation: Breaking the Boy Code is a one of a kind 8-week small group guidance program for boys in 3-5th grades. This innovative expressive art therapy group gives boys a rare opportunity to experience and celebrate different areas of masculinity.     Boys work their way through 7 exciting lessons that examine the definition of masculinity and meaning of brotherhood in a variety of cultures.

"Operation: Breaking the Boy Code" A great "boy group" book for elementary school. This one has fun activities that boys love! I used this for a group of boys who were struggling with self-esteem and conflict