Nope! Not gonna do it.

Yeah! thank you, guys! I made it to 475 followers! :) :D Can I get 500 by Christmas? I love you all soooo much! That's a dog stuck between two pillows on a couch, by the way. Isn't he cute?!?

Who thinks of these things.

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I'm just gonna go ahead and file this under Hair Ideas

True story.

So much nicer instead of crates...more like a real den. And goes with the decor! Easy to make too...try gutting old floor model tv's!!! The hinged door is also a great addition! ~ Di


Yo Dawg. I heard you like dogs. So we put a dog on your dog so you can pet a dog when you pet your dog.

I love when my dog cuddles with me when I don't feel good.

Boomer for Halloween!!!

So true


recharging... this just made me smile.

Look at that face!

Dog Crate Cover- Want it!!

Makes me think of Bailey lol....although she never did this :)