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Try HubSpot's social media tools free for 30 days, and get real marketing insight into your social media efforts.

Here's why we love HubSpot 3.

What if someone took all the hassle out of marketing?

The HubSpot landing page analytics report shows you which offers are best at driving conversions and (drumroll please) customers!

Oh man, we love data! Especially the kind in colorful graphs. Here's a look at HubSpot's landing page analytics tool, which lets you compare the effectiveness of different landing pages.

HubSpot's Landing Page Analytics lets you stack landing pages against each other to determine which is performing the best.

Use a CRM? No problemo! We integrate with any CRM with an API. Let us show ya!

Create a series of emails for your own marketing automation campaign. You can do that all in HubSpot!

Make super targeted lists of your leads to nurture via marketing automation or send a targeted email to.

Get detailed look into what a prospect viewed on your website, as well as how many people from that company.

Marketers deserve to have control of their website! Edit your website super easily with HubSpot.

Know who is visiting your website before they fill out a form. Powerful stuff!

CTAs make the lead generation world go 'round.

A/B Testing is crucial to optimize your landing pages. How cool is that?

It's SUPER easy to update you web pages with HubSpot.

Finally! Marketers can build their own landing page forms easily.

Get actionable advice on each of your website pages on how you can improve for SEO.

Track how well you're ranking for a specific search term AND how many visits and leads you generate from that term. Ooo, sexy.

Monitor the keywords and brand terms most relevant to your company - and follow up within the tool.

Manage multiple social accounts at once - post now or schedule tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates - the whole shebang!

Measure the ROI of social media - it's important!

How many social mentions are you getting over time? The Trends Report will show you!

Blogging is key for SEO. HubSpot's blogging tool walks you through optimizing your post no prob.

Who's your team's best blogger? Blogging analytics will let you know.

Social media can be time consuming. Schedule Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn posts ahead of time. Huzzah!