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Gold Foil + pastels. Interesting Combination Delphis Wine Label (packaging, design, print, foil)

Unique Packaging Design, Dee's Ice Cream #Packaging #Design (

Filirea gi - Packaging design for limited production homemade wine. The illustration depicts the process of creating wine from the harvest to the bottling. Printed with silk-screen printing method on paper that is wrapped around the bottle to convey the sense of handmade.

How do you feel today? Sad or Happy? Tired or Flirty? Take Away cup lets you customize your face and mood on your cup by moving the cup sleeve.

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sangria lolea wine / vinho / vino mxm #vinosmaximum


Concept: Pasta For One - The Dieline -

Lollia by Margot Elena creates gorgeous packaging and products | I want to take a bubble bath now!

Mari Drink Riesling white wine Elderflower and Mate...Perfect! Basically my name and a lovely package design!

Love the labels! Something a little different...

Motif wine packaging. Wonder if it tastes as great as it looks.


Wine Bottles from Greece #packaging

gorgeous wine bottles

so cute!

Stranger & Stranger - Wine labels

Luis Fitch, Uno