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Monocle narwhal

26 Mermaid Gifts For Aspiring Ariels In case anyone needs gifts ideas for me ;)

narwhals narwhals !

Rock Paper Scissors Necklace. Pretty :) $21.00


Baby dinosaur!


If you love everything science, this collection is for you.

This made me laugh

"Is it tea you're looking for?"

Original Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Table Lighter

Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag

A brutally hilarious way to fail a student... "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" $12

I mustache you for a bandage.. #urbanoutfitters

Look at it's floppy disk face!!

Grumpy Cat Doll

Poor man's iPad - the notePad.. $4.99

Suit Pajamas I'm freaking FANCY when I go to bed

Crime Scene Beach Towel