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Tattoo Submission: Cec (Norway), a beauty post from the blog Tattoologist, written by Natalie Hanks on Bloglovin'.

Babe! What if we got a queen and king chess pieces? i love this more than any couples tattoo I've ever seen

Framed tattoo - absolutely beautiful #funny #joke

King and Queen Couples Tattoo If I ever convince eugene to not be afraid of needles, I want us to have this but different placement

Crown Tattoo Designs (12)....... want this one on right foot with Skyla's name

small tattoos for girls | 30 Cool Side Tattoos for Girls | CreativeFan

i know this is kind of sad, but i sort of want one of these for my kitty, simba. he's sick and well... i don't know how much longer he's going to make it. but his name is simba, from the lion king, so i kinda wanna get this. but then... i'd have to get one for every kitty i ever have and i just don't know about that, because i plan on being a crazy cat lady. hahaha.