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Awesome Beer Cans Show the Pantone Color of the Brew That's Inside.  Drink it up, designers  (AdWeek.com 17 September 2014)

Awesome Beer Cans Show the Pantone Color of the Brew That's Inside

DESIGN: Pantone Inspired Beer Packaging Here for this. The packaging for these cans match the color of the beer to its corresponding Pantone color. [[MORE]] Created by Spanish creative agency Txaber,.

Kabuki luxury spirits packaging design concept by SeriesNemo (Spain) - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2016/09/kabuki-concept.html

Kabuki (Concept)

Kabuki via SeriesNemo curated by Packaging Diva PD. How beautiful is this whiskey packaging concept? A design concept, a contemporary vision for ultra luxury spirits completely different from baroque products of the category.

Having these Beer bottles look like Pantone swatches works well based on the shade of beer. Having lighter colors for lighter beers is a very good idea to ket the consumer know the type of beer they will be drinking.

Beer packaging takes inspiration from Pantone Packaging Design design graphic design

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Place à la couleurs // inspirations pour égayer sa déco

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Paint a stripe of chalkboard paint on all my mason jars. And be super easy to find my ingredients.

Islandic Student Project; Thoresteinn Beer Brand

I'd totally buy one of these just for being so different. // Beer bottles by Icelandic design studients: Geir Olafsson, Hlynur Ingólfsson, Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason

Hard cider can label design by Amore http://www.amore.se/

I really like this packaging design for it's creative use of the "C" and "i" in "Cider" to create a winky face. The choice of text really emphasizes this effect and makes the face appear both animated and playful.

Fruit Yogurt Designed by Mika Kañive

[Transparency] Fruit Yogurt Designed by Mika Kañive. The clear packaging shows off the fruit and yogurt inside, unlike conventional fruit yoghurt. It gives consumer an impression that the fruits are fresher with their straight forwardness.

cute!…i would love a doctor who version of this!

A very British tea party…

Funny pictures about A very British tea party. Oh, and cool pics about A very British tea party. Also, A very British tea party.

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Through the years as packaging design has evolved it has kept the essence of the jam bottle and has also given new directions of creativity and innovation.

Wishbone Brew coffee packaging #packaging #design

I love the pastel color choices for these otherwise plain containers. Since you usually see coffee beans in bags or tins, these make for a unique packaging that looks like it would also benefit easy pouring!

Honey - a scarce commodity?

Bee raw honey - packaging loveliness, can you imagine doing the test tubes with flavoured simple syrups like ginger, lavender, etc.

This simple black/white contrast and absence of any other color works great and would really make it stand out compared to all of the other bright colors it would be near on all of the other beers in the aisle.

Bitches Brew: Conceptual beer & wine company branding based on the Salem witch trials By Wedge & Lever

Out of Sight via Oh Beautiful Beer designed by Joanna Copperman curated by Packaging Diva PD. One for the packaging smile file : )----------------3B 1113086 추연우 : 아이덴티티 칼라를 레드로 사용해서 무채색 일러스트에 포인트가 되어서 매력적인 거 같습니다. 일러스트 또한 밑에 부분 쪽에만 아기자기하고 깔끔한 거북이와 고래 일러스트를 표현해서 복잡하지 않습니다.

Out of Sight

Out of Sight via Oh Beautiful Beer designed by Joanna Copperman curated by Packaging Diva PD. One for the packaging smile file : ) (Bottle Packaging)