lazy susan for laundry supplies

nope. not today!

To organize socks in the laundry room or small toys in a kids closet. S hooks and dollar tree baskets.

Great idea. . . I am running to get a couple of lazy susans for my frig! Brillant.

Replace solid cabinet doors with pegboard, which boosts ventilation and storage options. Gather tips and special care instructions with a clamp affixed to the pegboard. Use wire hooks to create dedicated hanging spots for lint rollers and other tools. Repurpose pencil canisters as door-mount holders for brushes and spot cleaners.

Instant Laundry Station

Laundry stain list station ~ love it!!!

Great idea!

Cute DIY hanging racks for the laundry room. This idea for the clean clothes occupies less space and is prettier than a ordinary hanging rod.

great idea:) #laundry

Laundry Room Storage

Brilliant!!!!! Instead of around the fridge, this might become the cabinetry around the laundry room door..turn side cabinets flush to wall and include one over the door..... Hidden storage solutions are essential in the kitchen.

Love this easy care stain kit for the laundry room!


Can't wait to do this!!!

Laundry room storage

Closet organizing inspiration!must do this in my laundry room make over.

Laundry Room Re-Do

Great use of under sink space. For bathroom under sink space/ use same idea using uniform Spray bottles filled and labeled/ shampoo/ conditioner/lotion/etc. keeps frequently used items out of the way/ easily accessible for use/ just unscrew sprayer.

Get a cheap shelf from Ikea. Attach a mirror and cork board and put it on top of a lazy susan (also from Ikea). I can do that!