use of flash with underexposed backgrounds. Cool with a stormy sky. Or maybe it's post production...oh photoshop, you're such a tease


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To light a foreground portrait subject against a setting sun, put a hot shoe flash inside a 36-inch umbrella-style softbox (A), and warmed up its output with a 1/4 Rosco CTO warming gel. assistant suspended the Softbox above the subject using a monopod (B) as a boom. posed the child to block the setting sun. Canon EOS 5D (C) and 17–40mm f/4L EF zoom at its 35mm setting. fired the flash with PocketWizard Plus II, for an overall exposure of 1/180 sec at f/13, ISO 100.

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Nice article on photographing portraits with a dreamy atmosphere, covering the post processing of one specific image as well as more general tips and examples. Note particularly how all the images are with the sun behind / to the side of the subject.

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Dealing with flash @Kate Fredrickson I thought this might be useful for ya!


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Low Key Lighting is a lot of fun and creates portraits with great visual impact. Here’s a great example by AP Photographie. The image was taken with a Canon 5D Mark II + Canon 85mm f/1.8 (ISO100 – f/10 – 1/160e) The Light was a Elinchrom D-Lite RX4 / Rotalux 135cm. Read more about Low […]

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