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Carrot Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Carrot Strawberry Pudding Cups

Love this! Instead of baby carrots, buy carrot chips and arrange like a giant carrot with a broccoli top.


Easter Bunny Sacks with Tissue Paper Ears

With a simple painting pattern and floppy tissue paper "ears," turn inexpensive paper lunch sacks into Easter bunny bags. Use for decoration at an Easter brunch or egg-hunt

Bunny Bait - Spread 2 cups pretzel stick, 2 cups Rice Chex and 1 bag white popcorn on cookie sheet. Pour melted white melting candies over mixture and stir to coat. Then sprinkle on your spring sprinkles. Do not mix after sprinkling or you will coat the sprinkles. Once the mix is set, add M's and then package for neighbors, for a party or in individual treat bags.


Easter PEEPS - Bites From Other Blogs

Chocolate Dipped Easter PEEPS

Frog Prince Paperiefrom Frog Prince Paperie

Carrot Patch Cupcake Tutorial


Taste and Tellfrom Taste and Tell

Carrot Patches

Carrot Patches: If you're looking for a nonsweet Easter treat, try these easy, adorable carrot patches, the brainchild of Taste and Tell. Fill small terra-cotta pots with hummus, poke a hole in the carrots using a toothpick, insert a small piece of parsley, and "plant" the carrots in the pot.