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Bucket list!! So want to try this! I <3 Cheesecake and The Cheesecake Factory! Soooo good!!!!! <3

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This is dedicated to my wonderful husband, who denies himself everyday to be a man after Gods own heart and my hero. To my best friend, who will always help me to refocus on my heart mate,Alan, who never looks at Pinterest so I can say this at truth knowing that he won't be able to deny or disagree with any of these words!

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HUMEUR DU JOUR: lueurs dans la nuit

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Hawao eu ti amo I love you te amo in every language

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Sleep under the stars...probably in a closed in area so I don't stay up all night freaking out an animal will come and eat me...or freak out since I watch too much Criminal Minds...oh boy...

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before I die..

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DIY green lawn care tips : 10 detailed tips to get you the best looking lawn in the neighborhood

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We did this one! It's beautiful and we designed it from top to bottom. Very rewarding!

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Watch My Children Get Married. #Bucket List # Before I Die Don't know if it will ever happen. I raised them to be too independent.