Always check for ferrets...

Don't Date A Teacher. Brought tears to my eyes it was so funny...and true. Got to read it!!

Love this guy!

haha this guy

cracking up at these!

Guy Posts Yoga Mat For Sale Ad On Craigslist. This Is Hilarious.


Awesome bumper stickers.

Ken Jeong photobomb. check out for more funny images

Laughed SO hard!!

You know Im not sure if some of these are photo shop but they are still funny!!

Proposing Like A Boss

Just thought this was great

Look carefully. Then giggle to yourself.

The 29 Weirdest Things Ever To Happen When Playing The Sims. I died.

When they say, long live the Queen, they mean it.

Real Heroes...

Good guy, VHS :-)

Kids are Hilarious!