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tiny frog peeking over heliconia

Palmar Treefrog (Hypsiboas pellucens) by Alejandro Arteaga look at that adorable little guy!

Яркие звери, сочная трава... Макромир Индонезии от Три Сето Видодо (​Tri Setyo Widodo)

Portofolio macro photography - The Magical Macro World Of Tiny Creatures That I Capture In Indonesia.

I was told to sit tight

Red eyed tree frog, Costa Rica by Menno Dekker hold on for dear life


Drab Tree-frog by: Frank Scott This little critter was a lot more patient than his Red-eyed cousins. This one stayed put for a minute or two while I got the shot. I tried posing him put that was not in the contract and that was when he hopped off.

Watcha Looking At?

Watcha Looking At? by Ann Van Breemen A tiny Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog, (Litoria fallax), on an Agapanthus leaf wondering what I’m doing. Taken beside the lake at the Mt.

Cute Yellow Dot Frog. What? There surely aren't any words which quite capture this amount of cuteness. ❤️

カエル画像 on

Scientists have discovered how one of the world's smallest frogs is able to hear with its mouth.

Tiny frog listens with its mouth

Gardiner’s tree frog is one of the smallest frogs in the world, growing to only in length! Unlike most frogs, the young do not hatch as tadpoles, but as fully formed small adult frogs. So the babies are even smaller versions of this one

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Window Art in Vinyl Etchings: Green Tree Frog Hanging on an Acorn - Etched Vinyl Stained Glass Film, Static Cling Window Decal, Amphibians

Tiny Tree Frog

Clown Tree Frog (Dendropsophus leucophyllatus) a tiny, colorful treefrog from the South american tropics.