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LITTLE BEE By Chris Cleave - A haunting novel about an African refugee whose violent and courageous journey from a Nigerian beach to a suburban London home and back puts a unforgettable face on the worldwide refugee crisis.

Ever since Anju and Sudha were born the same day their fathers died--mysteriously and violently—they have been sisters of the heart. Bonded in ways even their mothers cannot comprehend, the two girls grow into womanhood as if their fates as well as their hearts were merged. An in-depth view of the culture of India today. A fabulous read!

Johnna, Joanna. Fiction. Book. The story of Dinah, a tragic character from the Bible whose great love, a prince, is killed by her brother, leaving her alone and pregnant. The novel traces her life from childhood to death, in the process examining sexual and religious practices of the day, and what it meant to be a woman.

Same Kind Of Different As Me - A gripping story of faith, fortitude, and friendship. An example of the healing, restorative power of forgiveness and the transformational, life changing power of unconditional love.

This is an amazing true story that reads like a novel. I enjoyed every minute of it. And it made me want to be a better person.