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an ingenious scooter from a Portland designer.


Bee Electric Scooter

Be.e Scooter – Electric Scooter Made of Hemp. Read more at

from Mashable

No Parking? Electric Scooter Folds Into Suitcase

No parking spaces? Don't worry, this electric scooter folds into a briefcase.

from Roadshow

Is RYNO's single-wheel electric scooter cooler than a Segway

Is RYNOs single-wheel electric scooter cooler than a Segway?

Gogoro electric Smartscooter

This T20 Bamboo Electric Scooter is a prototype by french designer Antoine Fritsch. The frame is made from bamboo that makesit lightweight and of course cool. It has a top speed of about 22mph, and a range of about 25 miles in one charge. "the acceleration works similar to a scooter, employing manual power from the user to push the bike forward until it gets going, while a hybrid cork structure acts as a fusion between a seat and backrest for a comfortable ride"

MINI Scooter E Concept: Concept design for electric scooter. So pretty!

New Electric Scooter Could Change The Way We Perceive These Vehicles

Gogoro launches electric smartscooter to combat pollution in megacities