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7// Acquire at least three new skills during your year. Suggestions - photography, skydiving, computer programming, martial arts. The key is not to become an expert at any of them, but to become functionally proficient. Cost variable, but any would likely be less than three credits at a traditional university.

A must for anyone's bucket list...

My friend and I made one of these and if we don't finish it before school starts we have to dress lime hippies on the first day of school!!!!!! :)

Dump A Day 20 Amazing Things That Should Make Everyone's Bucket List

In Thailand there is a place that you can swim with elephants! Bucket list! GOING THERE FOR SURE!! A MUST!

summer bucket list. Im gonna make this a summer 2013 bucketlist... Freshman resolution

With a few minor changes, this sounds like an awesome plan!

Summer Bucket List - I find this list funny bc the large majority of it happens EVERY summer in my life and to think that some people have to make a list to make sure they do it cracks me up

summer bucket list ☀ I would love to do all of them except dye my hair, I love the color of my hair!