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Green Junglefowl

The Green Junglefowl, Gallus Varius, also known as Javan Junglefowl, Forktail or Green Javanese Junglefowl bird in the Pheasant family, Phasianidae.

Oscillated Turkey!  just because they' re gorgeous isn't a reason not to kill them! protect them because they feel & have a brain & are alive & want to live!!!

OSCELLATED TURKEY (by a walk on the wild side - nature photography) The Ocellated Turkey (Meleagris ocellata) is a species of turkey residing in the Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico).

Humor in de natuur!

Funny pictures about Shut up. Just for once shut up. Oh, and cool pics about Shut up. Just for once shut up. Also, Shut up. Just for once shut up.

**Purple lol

* * " Me wanted to listen to Eugene Hutz too, soes me started wearin' purple. Allz me wisdom and sanity willz increase. [me hopes].

Fighting Carps:
These are Asian Carps, they know how to fight. It's a great analogy for the way America vs. Asia persue over power...

Fish can fly too. Photo by unknown author This is an Osprey (Fish Eagle)

French Black Copper Marans lay these eggs. They are so beautiful. chicken_maraneggs.jpg

BLACK COPPER MARANS EGGS These birds originated in the western France town of Marans in the early century and are prized for their dark brown egg. We have 3 of these chickens and they are fantastic layers.

Chicken with white leg warmers

Chicken Pictures & Photography from My Pet Chicken - A Bantam Splash Cochin Pullet

This will be me one day. No doubt.

This is me. The crazy cat lady. :) (Really I'd be the crazy animal lady, I'd…