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Enochian alphabet is applied in an occult or angelic language recorded in the private journals of John Dee and his colleague Edward Kelley in late 16th century England. The language is integral to the practice of Enochian magic.

The Rose Cross is associated with a number of different schools of thought, including that of the Golden Dawn, Thelema, the OTO, and the Rosicrucians (also known as the Order of the Rose Cross). Each group offers somewhat different interpretations of the symbol. This should not be surprising as magical, occult and esoteric symbols are frequently used to communicate ideas more complex than is possible to express in speech.

Occult Symbols

Occult Symbols

Occult Symbols

There exists a perfect knowledge, so clear, so sublime, so majestic, so unlimited, that it surpasses all description. All the Rosicrucians have ever done is to point out certain properties of this perfect knowledge and show what one could realise with the powers contained in these properties.

Book of Shadows: The Rosy Cross (also called Rose Cross and Rose Croix) is a symbol largely associated with the semi-mythical Christian Rosenkreuz, Qabbalist, alchemist, and founder of the Rosicrucian Order. The Rosy Cross is also a symbol found in some Masonic Christian bodies, and it was used by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, in Thelema, by the Ordo Templi Orientis, and by the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, as well.

Croix rosicrucienne avec le symbole de l'Ouroboros et, dans un triangle, le nom de Dieu écrit en hébreu (Yahweh).