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Bob Harper's Skinny Rules - good, common-sense advice

these aren't unhealthy ideas! these are great tips! however you don't have to go to bed hungry, a small snack (a yogurt, handful of almonds, something) if you need it is fine. not sleeping because you're hungry is not a good thing

  • sakib

    Good stuff

  • Amelia Lawrence

    My mom was on season 13 of The Biggest Loser and this is exactly what he told her to do! And look at their results.

  • abro

    #18 will not work. Cannot go to bed hungry my sleep will suffer. have to have a light snack.

These are actually good tips; not too hard, not too strict, but still effective.

The Skinny Rules. I need to print this about 17 times and post it throughout my home...

lifestyle eating tips. This might be good to print and use as a checklist

  • Molly Dando

    Love this! I’m in a FUN fitness group on FB where we share things like this everyday!! Everyone is so positive and supportive. We would love to have you join us! Send me a FB friend if you’re interested! My FB link is in my Bio

Skinny Rules. A great guide but I must say I don't agree with "no carbs after lunch." BS. The primary source of fuel for your body and brain are carbs. Just choose them wisely.

The Skinny Rules

  • JoAnn A.

    He lost me at no carbs after lunch...

  • Joy Robinson

    LOL I agree Jo A

  • Miriam S.

    go to bed hungry?? I can't

  • Sandra Fahrlender

    Why would you go to bed hungry? Eat an Apple or Berries... This list is too rigid.... Wanna lose weight and stay thin, eat less and move more! Tahh dahhhh!!!! ;)

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Skinnny Rules! Following most of these now - it takes a lot of discipline but the results are worth it!

It's Fitness, Baby | Your motivation for fitness training – call your fitness trainer or get yourself a fitness program and let the workout begin. | Page 5

I absolutely do not agree with number 18. You should never go to bed hungry! The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper! #Fitness #Motivation

  • Allie Howard

    Number 18 shouldn't be a rule :(

  • Mad Hatter

    This is AWFUL. If you're naturally skinny, awesome for you. Rock it. But you shouldn't aspire to skinny, you should aspire to be healthy and happy and vivaciously you. You should never go to bed hungry; if your body is hungry, feed it with healthy nutrients. Listen to your body; being hungry all the time is NOT a good thing.

  • InStyle-Decor Hollywood

    love this, instyle decor girls

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