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In memory of my dad. Esophageal cancer ribbon.

periwinkle blue cancer ribbon

Seven of my family members tatted themselves up with blue cancer ribbons in honor of my battle with esophageal and kidney cancer. Best family EVER!

Cervical cancer ribbon tattoo,this is for my mother who lost her battle in 2005

My next tattoo? Will be in lavender (general cancer colour) for friends and family who have lost the battle or are still fighting Tattoos | tattoos picture cancer ribbon tattoos

This tattoo is a tribute to my soulmate. While my husband was fighting stage 4 prostate cancer, we designed this tattoo together. He could not get it because of chemo and the other treatments that killed his immune system. He wanted the prostate cancer ribbon to be tattered and torn. He said "cancer is like a ghost" because he never saw it coming. Sadly, my husband lost his battle with cancer on 1/31/13.(this was not my husband, but the tribute to her's)

The breast cancer ribbon tattoo I designed a couple years ago... Getting this done this summer!!

first tattoo, stomach cancer ribbon to show respect to lost family members.

Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs: The Butterfly Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs And Meaning For Girl On Back ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

Those who suffer from eating disorders. It's extremely difficult for others to comprehend, but is a very serious issue.