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Excellent info: Photographing in Manual

Manual mode photo tips. Most helpful info- Steps to setting up in manual: First set white balance, second set ISO, then set aperture, and finally your shutter speed. 20 tips.

31+ Days To Better Photography - FREE!

31 days to better photography. Great tips and simple explanations on how to get the most out of your dslr

How to use Aperture Shutter Speed and ISO Info Graphic

Manual Camera Settings Cheat Sheet : How to use Aperture Shutter Speed and ISO Info Graphic

12 different Photo Book Company reviews. very-smart

Photo Book Companies Post on comparing 12 different companies that print photo books. She also has a link to another guy who did a photo book comparison of different companies than she did.

A perfect photo challenge by ora

30 day photo challenge - when I get a new camera, this is the first thing I will be doing with it. Besides taking photos of my family.

This DIY iPhone magnifier lens takes great shots of snowflakes (and any other tiny, detailed things you might find about).

Amazing way to take incredible macro pictures with your cell phone camera~ Mind Blowing Things

capture the memories

Embrace the Camera 50 Photos to Take With Your Kids + Free Photo Checklist - simple as that