three little bears

Yellowstone National Park

Bear tree!

3 Bears Dancing

Time to climb, black bears in Maine

Photo: Grizzly bear cubs playing, National Geographic

Only 7'll want to watch it over and over again!

A #Bison in steam during winter at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Bear#wild animals|

Dreaming Of Bears pretty sure it was a grizzly,Trying to decipher the meaning....

Be inquisitive. Birdie and the Beast Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming, USA Image by Tin Man Lee.

Baby Black Bear Cub ♥

Bear hugs.

I love bears!


polar bear family

mamma bear and cubs

Photographer Lassi Rautiainen captured the profound partnership between a she-wolf and a brown bear in the wilds of northern Finland. For days, he witnessed the strange pair meet every evening to share food after a hard day of hunting. No one knows when or how this relationship was formed, 'but it is certain that by now each of them needs the other'


See America, Yosemite National Park, prints from 1930's commissioned by the WPA