I will do this one day. Shark-cage-diving.

A shark diving cage with some great whites in the area.

Rupa feeding a turtle some coral while diving the Tiputa Pass in Rangiroa. There are only a couple of dive sites in Rangiroa, but every day is a unique experience. Today we saw a turtle, a few dolphins, and a couple dozen white-tipped reef sharks. Hats off to friendly folks at TOPDIVE, who did a great job getting us back into diving and making sure we were comfortable in the water. Discovered by Mark Rentz at Passe Tiputa, Rangiroa, French #Polynesia #travel #scuba #adventure

Rethinking shark cage diving.....lol

Swim with whale sharks :)

croc cage diving adventures in Australia--fun! I'd die if I see that big croc swimming towards me.

Cage divers confront a Great White Shark.

Gliding Over A Tiger Shark In The Bahamas.... would you do this?!

Cage diving with great whites

Scuba diving with a whale shark

Bucket list: cage dive with Great White Sharks!

Volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and get the adrenalin pumping! Shark cage diving

Shark Cage Diving

go white shark cage diving.

Crocodile cage-diving at the Cango Park in South Africa

#1 on my bucket list!!!! Cage diving with Great White sharks!

Wild nature

Hammerhead shark

Don't want to swim with them or go down in a cage, but I sure would love to see the Great White Sharks breach off South Africa some day. From the safety of a nice big boat.

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